How To Get Away With Murder, Claudius-Approved

— Kate, Owl Eyes Staff on

Why would you look elsewhere for proper morals and expert life advice when you can just take inspiration from Shakespeare's classic characters? Especially characters from his tragedies. Romantic ideals? Romeo & Juliet. Best dad ever? King Lear. Best friend you'll ever have? Iago. Most loyal confidant? Brutus. You get the point.

And since we have so many great examples of other aspects of life, why wouldn’t we also consider how to get away with murder? Especially the murder of a king whose nosey son, and also your nephew, keeps trying to catch you in the act? Look no further than Claudius from Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Hamlet.

Our former intern, Marisa Iliakis, put together an extensive guide told from King Claudius's point of view. Huge thanks to Kate Beaton for the inspiration.

Disclaimer: This is not legit advice. Don't do any of these things.

A Comic of Shakespeare's King Claudius

You can read Hamlet with expert annotations and analyses for free in our library, and check out more of Marisa's work on her website!

Happy reading!