Thank You, NCTE 2017!

— Owl Eyes Reader on

Thank you to NCTE and all the amazing English teachers who made our third year in attendance so fun and special!

It was fun to stretch our wings and leaving the rainy comfort of Seattle for St. Louis, and we truly enjoyed connecting with such passionate educators and teachers. We met with many long-time users of our site and were honored to be introduced to so many new, friendly faces! We look forward to continuing to serve NCTE educators and keeping you stocked up years to come with free books, tools, and services.

If we missed you or you weren't able to connect with us at the conference (no fault of yours—information overload!) but are interested in learning more about implementing Owl Eyes for your classroom, send Wesley a quick note at You are also welcome to check out our FAQ page for further help.

Here we are ready to take off before the conference!

We were so excited to see this when we first walked into the conference building!

Our booth, (almost) all set up:

Here's the whole team together, making owl eyes. (Except Brandi... She panicked.)

Here's Kate, showing off the owl stickers and annotated book we were giving out. (P.S. — If you missed it, you can grab a copy of our annotated A Christmas Carol on Amazon, just in time for the holidays!)

All four of us taking a selfie with educator Charles Youngs:

See you next time, NCTE!