Act II - Act II, Scene 6

SCENE VI. Another part of the Forest.

[Enter ORLANDO and ADAM.]

Dear master, I can go no further: O, I die for food! Here
lie I down, and measure out my grave. Farewell, kind master.

Why, how now, Adam! no greater heart in thee? Live a
little; comfort a little; cheer thyself a little. If this uncouth
forest yield anything savage, I will either be food for it or
bring it for food to thee. Thy conceit is nearer death than thy
powers. For my sake be comfortable: hold death awhile at the
arm's end: I will here be with thee presently; and if I bring
thee not something to eat, I'll give thee leave to die: but if
thou diest before I come, thou art a mocker of my labour. Well
said! thou look'st cheerily: and I'll be with thee quickly.--Yet
thou liest in the bleak air: come, I will bear thee to some
shelter; and thou shalt not die for lack of a dinner if there
live anything in this desert. Cheerily, good Adam!