Scene XVIII - Donjon (Margaret's Prayer)


(In a niche of the wall a shrine, with an image of the Mater
Dolorosa. Pots of flowers before it


(putting fresh flowers in the pots)

          Incline, O Maiden,
          Thou sorrow-laden,
          Thy gracious countenance upon my pain!

          The sword Thy heart in,
          With anguish smarting,
          Thou lookest up to where Thy Son is slain!

          Thou seest the Father;
          Thy sad sighs gather,
          And bear aloft Thy sorrow and His pain!

          Ah, past guessing,
          Beyond expressing,
          The pangs that wring my flesh and bone!
          Why this anxious heart so burneth,
          Why it trembleth, why it yearneth,
          Knowest Thou, and Thou alone!

          Where'er I go, what sorrow,
          What woe, what woe and sorrow
          Within my bosom aches!
          Alone, and ah! unsleeping,
          I'm weeping, weeping, weeping,
          The heart within me breaks.

          The pots before my window,
          Alas! my tears did wet,
          As in the early morning
          For thee these flowers I set.

          Within my lonely chamber
          The morning sun shone red:
          I sat, in utter sorrow,
          Already on my bed.

          Help! rescue me from death and stain!
          O Maiden!
          Thou sorrow-laden,
          Incline Thy countenance upon my pain!