Chorus 2

[Enter Wagner, alone.]

Learned Faustus,
To know the secrets of astronomy,
Graven in the book of Jove's high firmament,
Did mount himself to scale Olympus' top,
Being seated in a chariot burning bright,(5)
Drawn by the strength of yoky dragons' necks.
He now is gone to prove cosmography,
And, as I guess, will first arrive at Rome,
To see the Pope and manner of his court
And take some part of holy Peter's feast,(10)
That to this day is highly solemnised.



  1. "Cosmography" is the mapping of the heavens. Faustus has gone to "prove cosmography" which means to check the accuracy of the maps Mephistophilis gave him. This either suggests that Faustus remains skeptical about the knowledge that Mephistophilis gives him, or that he cannot learn anything through secondhand knowledge, he must experience to believe.

    — Caitlin, Owl Eyes Staff
  2. Saint Peter's feast is June 29th. It is a Catholic ceremonial day that honors Saint Peter and Saint Paul, who were both martyred for preaching the word of Christ. Notice how Faustus's story is still positioned within the Christian calendar and defined by Christian events.

    — Caitlin, Owl Eyes Staff
  3. Olympus is the home of the gods in Greek mythology. Faustus has reached the pinnacle of power and divine wisdom. However, it is the pinnacle of ancient pagan power, sacrilegious power.

    — Caitlin, Owl Eyes Staff