Abashed, abased, lowered,
     Abate, depress, calm,
     Abought, paid for,
     Abraid, started,
     Accompted, counted,
     Accorded, agreed,
     Accordment, agreement,
     Acquit, repay,
     Actually, actively,
     Adoubted, afraid,
     Advision, vision,
     Afeard, afraid,
     Afterdeal, disadvantage,
     Againsay, retract,
     Aknown, known,
     Aligement, alleviation,
     Allegeance, alleviation,
     Allow, approve,
     Almeries, chests,
     Alther, gen. pl., of all,
     Amounted, mounted,
     Anealed, anointed,
     Anguishly, in pain,
     Anon, at once,
     Apair, weaken,
     Apparelled, fitted up,
     Appeach, impeach,
     Appealed, challenged, accused,
     Appertices, displays,
     Araged, enraged, ; confused,
     Araised, raised,
     Arase, obliterate,
     Areared, reared,
     Armyvestal, martial,
     Array, plight, state of affairs,
     Arrayed, situated,
     Arson, saddle-bow,
     Askance, casually,
     Assoiled, absolved,
     Assotted, infatuated,
     Assummon, summon,
     Astonied, amazed, stunned,
     At, of, by,
     At-after, after,
     Attaint, overcome,
     Aumbries, chests,
     Avail (at), at an advantage,
     Avaled, lowered,
     Avaunt, boast,
     Aventred, couched,
     Avised, be advised, take thought,
     Avision, vision,
     Avoid, quit,
     Avoided, got clear off,
     Avow, vow,
     Await of (in), in watch for,
     Awayward, away,
     Awke, sideways,

     Bachelors, probationers for knighthood
     Bain, bath,
     Barbican, gate-tower,
     Barget, little ship,
     Battle, division of an army,
     Bawdy, dirty,
     Beams, trumpets,
     Be-closed, enclosed,
     Become, pp., befallen, gone to,
     Bedashed, splashed,
     Behests, promises,
     Behight, promised,
     Beholden (beholding) to, obliged to,
     Behote, promised,
     Benome, deprived, taken away,
     Besants, gold coins,
     Beseek, beseech,
     Beseen, appointed, arrayed,
     Beskift, shove off,
     Bested, beset,
     Betaken, entrusted,
     Betaught, entrusted, recommended,
     Betid, happened,
     Betook, committed, entrusted,
     Bevered, quivered,
     Board, sb., deck,
     Bobaunce, boasting, pride,
     Boishe, bush, branch of a tree,
     Boistous, rough,
     Bole, trunk of a tree,
     Boot, remedy,
     Borrow out, redeem,
     Borrows, pledges,
     Bote, remedy,
     Bound, ready,
     Bourded, jested,
     Bourder, jester,
     Braced, embraced,
     Brachet, little hound,
     Braide, quick movement,
     Brast, burst, break,
     Breaths, breathing holes,
     Brief, shorten,
     Brim, fierce, furious,
     Brised, broke,
     Broached, pierced,
     Broaches, spits,
     Bur, hand-guard of a spear,
     Burble, bubble,
     Burbling, bubbling,
     Burgenetts, buds, blossoms,
     Bushment, ambush,
     By and by, immediately,
     Bywaryed, expended, bestowed,

     Canel bone, collar bone,
     Cankered, inveterate,
     Cantel, slice, strip,
     Careful, sorrowful, full of troubles,
     Cast (of bread), loaves baked at the same time,
     Cast, ref: v., propose,
     Cedle, schedule, note,
     Cere, wax over, embalm,; cerel,
     Certes, certainly,
     Chafe, heat, decompose,; chafed, heated,
     Chaflet, platform, scaffold,
     Champaign, open country,
     Chariot (Fr charette), cart,
     Cheer, countenance,  entertainment,
     Chierte, dearness,
     Chrism, anointing oil,
     Clatter, talk confusedly,
     Cleight, clutched,
     Cleped, called,
     Clipping, embracing,
     Cog, small boat,
     Cognisance, badge, mark of distinction,
     Coif, head-piece,
     Comfort, strengthen, help,
     Cominal, common,
     Complished, complete,
     Con, know, be able, ; con thanlt, be grateful,
     Conserve, preserve,
     Conversant, abiding in,
     Cording, agreement,
     Coronal, circlet,
     Cost, side,
     Costed, kept up with,
     Couched, lay,
     Courage, encourage,
     Courtelage, courtyard,
     Covert, sheltered,
     Covetise, covetousness,
     Covin, deceit,
     Cream, oil,
     Credence, faith,
     Croup, crupper,
     Curteist, most courteous,

     Daffish, foolish,
     Danger (in), under obligation to, in the power of,
     Dawed, v tr., revived,  intr. dawned,
     Deadly, mortal, human,
     Deal, part, portion,
     Debate, quarrel, strife,
     Debonair, courteous,
     Deceivable, deceitful,
     Defaded, faded,
     Default, fault,
     Defend, forbid,; defended,; forbidden,
     Defoiled, trodden down, fouled, deflowered,
     Degree (win the), rank, superiority,
     Delibered, determined,
     Deliverly, adroitly,
     Departed, divided,
     Departition, departure,
     Dere, harm,
     Descrive, describe,
     Despoiled, stripped,
     Detrenched, cut to pieces,
     Devised, looked carefully at,
     Devoir, duty, service,
     Did off, doffed,
     Dight, prepared,
     Dindled, trembled,
     Disadventure, misfortune,
     Discover, reveal,
     Disherited, disinherited,
     Disparpled, scattered,
     Dispenses, expenses,
     Disperplyd, scattered,
     Dispoiled, stripped,
     Distained, sullied, dishonoured,
     Disworship, shame,
     Dole, gift of alms,
     Dole, sorrow,
     Domineth, dominates, rules,
     Don, gift,
     Doted, foolish,
     Doubted, redoubtable,
     Draughts, privities, secret interviews, recesses,
     Drenched, drowned,
     Dress, make ready,
     Dressed up, raised,
     Dretched, troubled in sleep,
     Dretching, being troubled in sleep,
     Dromounds, war vessels,
     Dure, endure, last,; dured,; during,
     Duresse, bondage, hardship,
     Dwined, dwindled,

     Eased, entertained,
     Eft, after, again,
     Eftures, passages,
     Embattled, ranged for battle,
     Embushed, concealed in the woods,
     Eme, uncle,
     Empoison, poison,
     Emprised, undertook,
     Enchafe, heat,; enchafed, heated,
     Enchieve, achieve,
     Endlong, alongside of,
     Enewed, painted,
     Enforce, constrain,
     Engine, device,
     Enow, enough,
     Enquest, enterprise,
     Ensured, assured,
     Entermete, intermeddle,
     Errant, wandering,
     Estates, ranks,
     Even hand, at an equality,
     Evenlong, along,
     Everych, each, every one,

     Faiter, vagabond,
     Fare, sb., ado, commotion,
     Faren, pp., treated,
     Faute, lack,; fauted, lacked,
     Fealty, oath of fidelity,
     Fear, frighten,
     Feute, trace, track,
     Feuter, set in rest, couch,
     Feutred, set in socket,
     Fiaunce, affiance, promise,
     Flang, flung,; rushed,
     Flatling, prostrate,
     Fleet, float,
     Flemed, put to flight,
     Flittered, fluttered,
     Foiled, defeated, shamed,
     Foined, thrust,
     Foining, thrusting,
     Foins, thrusts,
     Foot-hot, hastily,
     For-bled, spent with bleeding,
     Force (no), no concern,
     Fordeal, advantage,
     Fordo, destroy,; fordid,
     Forecast, preconcerted plot,
     For-fared, worsted,
     Forfend, forbid,
     Forfoughten, weary with fighting,
     Forhewn, hewn to pieces,
     Forjousted, tired with jousting,
     Forthinketh, repents,
     Fortuned, happened,
     Forward, vanguard,
     Forwowmded, sorely wounded,
     Free, noble,
     Froward, away from,

     Gad, wedge or spike of iron,
     Gainest, readiest,
     Gar, cause,
     Gart, compelled,
     Gentily, like a gentleman,
     Gerfalcon, a fine hawk,
     Germane, closely allied,
     Gest, deed, story,
     Gisarm, halberd, battle-axe,
     Glaive, sword,
     Glasting, barking,
     Glatisant, barking, yelping,
     Gobbets, lumps,
     Graithed, made ready,
     Gree, degree, superiority,
     Greed, pp., pleased, content,
     Grescs, steps,
     Grimly, ugly,
     Grovelling, on his face,
     Guerdonless, without reward,
     Guise, fashion,

     Habergeon, hauberk with leggings attached,
     Hair, a hair-shirt,
     Hale and how, a sailor's cry,
     Halp, helped,
     Halsed, embraced,
     Halsing, embracing,
     Handfast, betrothed,
     Handsel, earnest-money,
     Hangers, testicles,
     Harbingers, messengers sent to prepare lodgings,
     Harness, armour,
     Hart of greese, fat deer,
     Hauberk, coat of mail,
     Haut, high, noble,
     Hauteyn, haughty,
     Heavy, sad,
     Hete, command,
     Hide, skin,
     Hied, hurried,
     High (on), aloud,
     Higher hand, the uppermost,
     Hight, called,
     Hilled, covered, concealed,
     Holden, held,
     Holp, helped,
     Holts, woods,
     Hough-bone, back part of kneejoint,
     Houselled, to be given the Eucharist,
     Hoved, hovered, waited about,
     Hurled, dashed, staggered,; hurling,
     Hurtle, dash,

     Incontinent, forthwith,
     Ind, dark blue,
     Infellowship, join in fellowship,
     In like, alike,
     Intermit, interpose,

     Japer, jester,
     Japes, jests,
     Jesseraunt, a short cuirass,

     Keep, sb., care,
     Keep, s., care, reck,
     Kemps, champions,
     Kind, nature,
     Kindly, natural,
     Knights parters, marshals,
     Know, acknowledge,
     Knowledging, acknowledgment, confession,

     Lain, conceal,
     Langering, sauntering,
     Lapped, took in her lap,
     Large, generous,
     Largeness, liberality,
     Laton, latten, brass,
     Laund, waste plain,
     Layne, conceal,
     Lazar-cot, leper-house,
     Learn, teach,
     Lears, cheeks,
     Leaved, leafy,
     Lecher, fornicator,
     Leech, physician,
     Leman, lover,
     Let, caused to,
     Let, hinder,
     Lewdest, most ignorant,
     Licours lecherous,
     Lief, dear,
     Liefer, more gladly,
     Lieve, believe,
     Limb-meal, limb from limb,
     List, desire, pleasure,
     Lithe, joint,
     Longing unto, belonging to,
     Long on (upon), because of,
     Loos, praise,
     Lotless, without a share,
     Loveday, day for. settling disputes,
     Loving, praising,
     Lunes, leashes, strings,
     Lusk, lubber,
     Lusts, inclinations,

     Maims, wounds,
     Makeless, matchless,
     Makers, authors, poets,
     Mas,ease, discomfort,
     Mal engine, evil design,
     Mal-fortune, ill-luck, mishap,
     Marches, borders,
     Mass-penny, offering at mass for the dead,
     Matche old, machicolated, with holes for defence,
     Maugre, sb., despite,
     Measle, disease,
     Medled, mingled,
     Medley, melee, general encounter,
     Meiny, retinue,
     Mickle, much,
     Minever, ermine,
     Mischieved, hurt,
     Mischievous, painful,
     Miscorr fort, discomfort,
     Miscreature, unbeliever,
     Missay, revile,; missaid,
     Mo, more,
     More and less, rich and poor,
     Motes, notes on a horn,
     Mount~ lance, amount of, extent,
     Much, great,

     Naked, unarmed,
     Namely, especially,
     Ne, nor,
     Near-hand, nearly,; near,
     Needly, needs, on your own compulsion,
     Nesh, soft, tender,
     Nigh-hand, nearly,
     Nill, will not,
     Nilt, will not,
     Nis, ne is, is not,
     Nist, ne wist, knew not,
     Noblesse, nobleness,
     Nobley, nobility, splendour,
     Noised, reported,
     Nold, would not,
     Noseling, on his nose,
     Not for then, nevertheless,
     Notoyrly, notoriously,
     Noyous, hurtful,

     Obeissance, obedience,
     Or, before,
     Orgule, haughtiness,
     Orgulist, haughtiest,
     Orgulite, pride, arrogance,
     Orgulous, proud,
     Other, or,
     Ouches, jewels,
     Ought, owned,
     Outcept, except,
     Outher, or,
     Out-taken, except,
     Over-evening, last night,
     Overget, overtake,
     Overhylled, covered,
     Over-led, domineered over,
     Overlong, the length of,
     Overslip, pass,
     Overthwart, adj., cross,
     Overthwart, sb., mischance,
     Overthwart and endlong, by the breadth and length,

     Painture, painting,
     Paitrelles, breastplate of a horse,
     Paltocks, short coats,
     Parage, descent,
     Pareil, like,
     Passing, surpassingly,
     Paynim, pagan,
     Pensel, pennon,
     Perclos, partition,
     Perdy, par Dieu,
     Perigot, falcon,
     Perish, destroy,
     Peron, tombstone,
     Pight, pitched,
     Pike, steal away,
     Piked, stole,
     Pillers, plunderers,
     Pilling, plundering,
     Pleasaunce, pleasure,
     Plenour, complete,
     Plump, sb., cluster,
     Pointling, aiming,
     Pont, bridge,
     Port, gate,
     Posseded, possessed,
     Potestate, governor,
     Precessours, predecessors,
     Press, throng,
     Pretendeth, belongs to,
     Pricker, hard rider,
     Pricking, spurring,
     Prime, A.M.,
     Prise, capture,
     Puissance, power,
     Purfle, trimming,
     Purfled, embroidered,
     Purvey, provide,

     Quarrels, arrowheads,
     Questing, barking,
     Quick, alive,
     Quit, repaid,; acquitted, behaved,

     Raced (rased), tore,
     Rack (of bulls), herd,
     Raines, a town in Brittany famous for its cloth,
     Ramping, raging,
     Range, rank, station,
     Ransacked, searched,
     Rashed, fell headlong,
     Rashing, rushing,
     Rasing, rushing,
     Raundon, impetuosity,
     Rear, raise,
     Rechate, note of recall,
     Recomforted, comforted, cheered,
     Recounter, rencontre, encounter,
     Recover, rescue,
     Rede, advise, ; sb., counsel,
     Redounded, glanced back,
     Religion, religious order,
     Reneye, deny,
     Report, refer,
     Resemblaunt; semblance,
     Retrayed, drew back,
     Rightwise, rightly,
     Rivage, shore,
     Romed, roared,
     Roted, practised,
     Rove, cleft,
     Rownsepyk, a branch,

     Sacring, consecrating,
     Sad, serious,
     Sadly, heartily, earnestly,
     Salle, room,
     Samite, silk stuff with gold or silver threads,
     Sangreal, Holy Grail,
     Sarps, girdles,
     Saw, proverb,
     Scathes, harms, hurts,
     icripture, writing,
     Search, probe wounds,
     Selar, canopy,
     Semblable, like,
     Semblant, semblance,
     Sendal, fine cloth,
     Sennight, week,
     Servage, slavery,
     Sewer, officer who set on dishes and tasted them,
     Shaft-mon, handbreadth,
     Shaw, thicket,
     Sheef, thrust,
     Sheer-Thursday, Thursday in Holy Week,
     Shend, harm,
     Shenship, disgrace,
     Shent, undone, blamed,
     Shour, attack,
     Shrew, rascal,
     Shrewd, knavish,
     Sib, akin to,
     Sideling, sideways,
     Siege, seat,
     Signified, likened,
     Siker, sure,
     Sikerness, assurance,
     Sith, since,
     Sithen, afterwards, since,
     Skift, changed,
     Slade, valley,
     Slake, glen,
     Soil (to go to), hunting term for taking the water,
     Sonds, messages,
     Sort, company,
     Sperd, bolted,
     Spere, ask, inquire,
     Spered, asked,
     Sperhawk, sparrowhawk,
     Sprent, sprinkled,
     Stale, station,
     Stark, thoroughly,
     Stead, place,
     Stert, started, rose quickly,
     Steven, appointment,; steven ser. appointment made,
     Steven, voice,
     Stigh, path,
     Stilly, silently,
     Stint, fixed revenue,
     Stonied, astonished,; became confused,
     Stour, battle,
     Strain, race, descent,
     Strait, narrow,
     Straked, blew a horn,
     Sue, pursue,
     Sued, pursued,
     Surcingles, saddle girths,
     Swang, swung,
     Sweven, dream,
     Swough, sound of wind,

     Talent, desire,
     Tallages, taxes,
     Tallies, taxes,
     Tamed, crushed,
     Tatches, qualities,
     Tene, sorrow,
     Term, period of time,
     Thilk, that same,
     Tho, then,
     Thrang, pushed,
     Thrulled, pushed,
     Till, to,
     To-brast, burst
     To-fore, before,
     To-morn, to-morrow,
     Took, gave,
     To-rove, broke up,
     To-shivered, broken to pieces,
     Traced, advanced and retreated,
     Trains, devices, wiles,
     Trasing, pressing forward,
     Travers (met at), came across,
     Traverse, slantwise,
     Traversed, moved sideways,
     Tray, grief,
     Treatise, treaty,
     Tree, timber,
     Trenchant, cutting, sharp,
     Tres:, hunting term,
     Truage, tribute,
     Trussed, packed,

     Ubblie, wafer, Host,
     Umbecast, cast about,
     Umberere, the part of the helmet which shaded the eyes,
     Umbre, shade,
     Unavised, thoughtlessly,
     Uncouth, strange,
     Underne, - A.M.,
     Ungoodly, rudely,
     Unhappy, unlucky,
     Unhilled, uncovered,
     Unr the, scarcely,
     Unsicker, unstable,
     Unwimpled, uncovered,
     Unwrast, untwisted, unbound,
     Upright, flat on the back,
     Up-so-down, upside down,
     Ure, usage,
     Utas, octave of a festival,
     Utterance, uttermost,

     Varlet, servant,
     Venery, hunting,
     Ven ails, breathing holes,
     Villain, man of low birth,
     Visors, the perforated parts of helmets,
     Voided, slipped away from,

     Wagging, shaking,
     Waited, watched,
     Waits, watches,
     Wallop, gallop,
     Wanhope, despair,
     Wap, ripple,
     Ware, aware,
     Warison, reward,
     Warn, forbid, refuse,
     Weeds, garments,
     Weltered, rolled about,
     Wend, thought,
     Wer-wolf, a man turned into a wolf by magic,
     Where, whereas,
     Wide-where, over wide space,
     Wield, possess, have power over,
     Wield himself, come to himself,
     Wight, brave, strong,
     Wightly, swiftly,
     Wildsome, desolate,
     Wimpled, with the head covered,
     Win, make way,
     Wite, v., blame,
     Within-forth, on the inside,
     Without-forth, on the outside,
     Wittiest, cleverest,
     Wittily, cleverly,
     Witting, knowledge,
     Wold or nold, would or would not,
     Wonder, adj., wondrous,
     Wonder, adv., wondrously,
     Wonderly, wonderfully,
     Wood, mad,
     Woodness, madness,
     Wood shaw, thicket of the wood,
     Worship, honour,
     Worshipped, cause to be honoured,
     Worts, roots,
     Wot, know,
     Wrack, destruction,
     Wroken, wreaked,
     Wrothe, twisted,

     Yede, ran,
     Yelden, yielded,
     Yerde, stick, stem,
     Yode, went,
     Yolden, yielded,
     Y-wis, certainly,