Quiz in Oedipus Rex

Quiz Examples in Oedipus Rex:

Oedipus Rex 31
"CHORUS:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is the theme expressed in the final ode?

"(1400)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How does Oedipus answer the chorus when asked if death would not have been preferable to his current state?

"(1310)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How does the language used to describe Oedipus blinding himself contribute to the catharsis of the audience?

"(1105)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why doesn't Oedipus follow Jocasta to comfort her grief?

"(995)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is the importance of the messenger's announcement?

"(935)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What can be inferred about Greek society based on this last stanza?

"(905)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How does the chorus describe pride?

"(900)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is the chorus's attitude toward fate?

"(885)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What does Jocasta's response to Oedipus's request say about the queen?

"(840)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What trait did Oedipus demonstrate during this incident that he also showed with Tiresias and Creon?

"(875)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why does Oedipus need to speak with the Shepherd?

"OEDIPUS:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why is this detail in Jocasta's story important to Oedipus?

"(725)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How has Oedipus changed since the beginning of the play?

"(660)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is Creon implying here?

"(595)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is Creon implying?

"(530)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How does the chorus respond to the confrontation between Oedipus and Tiresias?

"(480)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What literary technique is employed in this passage?

"TIRESIAS:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How is Tiresias's reply to Oedipus an example of sarcasm?

"(435)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

According to Tiresias, in what ways is Oedipus blind?

"(415)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What does this reveal about Oedipus's character?

"(395)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Which of the play's themes are evoked in this passage?

"OEDIPUS..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is Oedipus's response to Tiresias's revelation?

"(360)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why is Tiresias reluctant to tell Oedipus the truth?

"(315)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

How does Tiresias seem to occupy a place between mortals and gods?

"my own father..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why are Oedipus's words ironic?

"(230)..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What does Oedipus do first to find out who killed King Laius?

"against this god dishonored by the gods...."   (Oedipus Rex)

What imagery is evoked here?

"CHORUS..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What is the function of this choral ode?

"OEDIPUS:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Dramatic irony is created when the audience knows more than one or more characters onstage. How does Oedipus’s saying he will search for Laius’s killer create dramatic irony?

"CREON:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

Why did the Thebans fails to find the murderer of King Laius immediately after he was killed?

"CREON:..."   (Oedipus Rex)

What did the oracle say they must do in order to lift the plague?