Text of the Poem

Pentagon code
For end of world
Is rural paradise,
If plan fails
It’s rural paradise         5

For losses under
100 million, a trip
on the wayward bus

For a future of mutants,
bridal parties collide     10

World famine is
a plague of beatniks

First strike and
I sniff your nieces
I fall to pieces              15
Get hell out . . .

A madman comes,
one of those babies
the further you kick it
the bigger it gets.         20


  1. This phrase is meant to be both ironic and literal. If a nuclear weapon were to explode or if society were to break down, triggering an "end of the world" scenario, life would return to rural conditions where people would have to rely on themselves for food and survival. In the event of a huge disaster, a "rural paradise" would result. 

    — eric martin