Laisses CCXC - CCXCI


When the Emperour had made his whole vengeance,
He called to him the Bishops out of France,
Those of Baviere and also the Germans:
"A dame free-born lies captive in my hands,
So oft she's heard sermons and reprimands,
She would fear God, and christening demands.
Baptise her then, so God her soul may have."
They answer him: "Sponsors the rite demands,
Dames of estate and long inheritance."
The baths at Aix great companies attract;
There they baptised the Queen of Sarazands,
And found for her the name of Juliane.
Christian is she by very cognisance.


When the Emperour his justice hath achieved,
His mighty wrath's abated from its heat,
And Bramimunde has christening received;
Passes the day, the darkness is grown deep,
And now that King in 's vaulted chamber sleeps.
Saint Gabriel is come from God, and speaks:
"Summon the hosts, Charles, of thine Empire,
Go thou by force into the land of Bire,
King Vivien thou'lt succour there, at Imphe,
In the city which pagans have besieged.
The Christians there implore thee and beseech."
Right loth to go, that Emperour was he:
"God!" said the King: "My life is hard indeed!"
Tears filled his eyes, he tore his snowy beard.