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The Striding Place

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"The body and soul are twins, life comrades—sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, but always loyal in the last instance...."   (The Striding Place)

Gifford has shared his theory that the soul and body are connected—twins even—but ultimately separate. When Weigall presses Gifford as to what he would do were his soul to return to a decayed body, Gifford claims his soul would try to inhabit it anyway. Readers should view such discussions of life beyond death as signs of foreshadowing in the tale.

"The amusements of life, he argued, should be accepted with the same philosophy as its ills...."   (The Striding Place)

It is not clear what Weigall’s philosophy towards life is, either its “amusements” or its “ills.” However, there does seem to be a critical distance, a sense of remove from the traditions of the hunt.

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