Lesson 2: Taking & Making Quizzes

“Read the direction and directly you will be directed in the right direction.”
-Lewis Carroll

Wow! That was quick—I haven’t even started making my sandwich. Oh well, it will have to wait. Let’s continue.


In this chapter we are going to look at quizzes. Let’s start by taking a quiz. Click on this highlighted section of the text to bring up the annotation window. Quizzes also live in the annotation window. This is our first Owl Eyes quiz! You will see that is has one question and two possible answers. Quizzes in Owl Eyes can be multiple choice or True/False. They can have as few as two-possible answers or as many as a zillion! However, only one answer can be the correct one. So, choose wisely.

So there we have it. Nothing’s more puzzling than a riddle! Now it’s time for you to make a quiz. To do this, drag your finger or cursor over the following sentence. Your highlight, annotation, and quiz tools will appear.

Now choose the quiz icon (the question mark in a bubble). 

Splendid! Now fill in the question box with your own question, then add at least two answers. Once you’ve typed your answers, select the ‘This is the correct answer’ bubble beneath the correct answer. 

You will see that familiar ‘View Options’ menu beneath your answers. Here you can add tags and submit your quiz to Owl Eyes for review.

When you’re ready, click ‘Save Annotation’ to save your quiz.

Well done! I’ll meet you in the next chapter.


  1. Choose the correct answer!

    — Wesley, Owl Eyes Editor