Lesson 3a: Fiddling with Filters & Finding with Search

“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there.”
-Lewis Carroll

Sometimes, we become bewildered and need to hunt for answers. Other times, we’re hungry and need to search for wildebeest. On such occasions, the filter and the finder are your friends. Let's learn to fiddle with the filter and find with the search.

First off, the filter button is found in the upper-right corner of your screen, next to the magnifying glass. Select the filter button now, and its drop-down menu should appear.

Good! Here we can filter by annotation type: facts, notes, quizzes, etc. Below that, you can filter further by everyone's annotations: annotations from the Owl Eyes community, our annotations, your own annotations, or turn annotations off completely. Let’s choose the quiz annotation type and search Owl Eyes annotations only. Now select the notepad icon to the right of the next paragraph.

Great! You should see the word QUIZ highlighted, select it, and answer the question that appears below.

Fantastic, everything is going as planned! Now that we know how to filter, let's figure out how to find.

The search tool is the magnifying glass to the left of the filter. Select it now. Let’s search for a 'Bandersnatch', but be careful, they are rather frumious.

Well done! Now you will see a list of all the places ‘Bandersnatch’ appears in the text. Choose the sixth entry for Bandersnatch, and select the red 'context' button.


  1. How are things going so far?

    — Wesley, Owl Eyes Editor