Appendix B: From the Cornish Mystery of the Crucifixion

Jesus. Woman, seest thou thy son?
A thousand times your arms have borne him
  With tenderness.
And John, behold thy mother;
Thus keep her, without denial,
  As long as ye live.

Mary. Alas! alas! oh! sad, sad!
  In my heart is sorrow,
When I see my son Jesus,
  About his head a crown of thorns
He is Son of God in every way,
  And with that truly a King;
Feet and hands on every side
  Fast fixed with nails of iron.
That one shall have on the day of judgment
  Heavy doom, flesh and blood,
      Who hath sold him.

John. O sweet mother, do not bear sorrow,
For always, in every way
  I will be prepared for thee:
The will of thy Son is so,
For to save so much as is good,
  Since Adam was created.

Jesus. O Father, Eli, Eloy, · lama sabacthani?
  Thou art my dear God,
Why hast thou left me · a moment alone
  In any manner?

1st Executioner. He is calling Elias;
  Watch now diligently
    If he comes to save him.
If he delivers him, really
We will believe in him,
  And worship him ever.

[Here a sponge is made ready, with gall and vinegar. And then the Centurion stands in his tent, and says:

Centurion. I will go to see
  How it is with dear Jesus:
It were a pity on a good man
  So much contumely to be cast.
If he were a bad man, his fellow
  Could not in any way
Truly have such great grace,
  To save men by one word.

[The Centurion goes down.

2nd Executioner. It is not Elias whom he called;
Thirst surely on him there is,
  He finds it an evil thing. [He holds out a sponge
Behold here I have me ready,
Gall and hyssop mixed;
  Wassail, if there is great thirst.

Jesus. Thirst on me there is.

3rd Executioner. See, a drink for thee here;
  Why dost thou not drink it?
Rather shouldst thou a wonder work!
Now, come down from the cross,
  And we will worship thee.

Jesus. O Father, into thy hands
  I commit my spirit;
By thy will take it to thee,
  As thou sent it into the world.

[Then Jesus shall die. Here the sun is darkened.