Appendix C: The Town Cycles


The order of the Pageants of the Play of Corpus Christi, in the time of the mayoralty of William Alne, in the third year of the reign of King Henry V. anno 1415, compiled by Roger Burton, town clerk,--

I. Tanners.--God the Father Almighty creating and forming the heavens, angels and archangels; Lucifer and the angels that fell with him into hell.

II. Plasterers.--God the Father, in his own substance, creating the earth, and all which is therein, in the space of five days.

III. Carde-makers.--God the Father creating Adam of the slime of the earth, and making Eve of the rib, and inspiring them with the spirit of life.

IV. Fullers.--God prohibiting Adam and Eve from eating of the tree of life.

V. Coupers.--Adam and Eve with a tree betwixt them; the serpent deceiving them with apples; God speaking to them and cursing the serpent, and an angel with a sword driving them out of paradise.

VI. Armourers.--Adam and Eve, an angel with a spade and a distaff assigning them labour.

VII. Gaunters.--Abel and Cain killing sacrifices.

VIII. Shipwrights.--God foretelling Noah to make an ark of light wood.

IX. Fyshmongers, Pessyners, Mariners.--Noah in the ark with his wife and three children, and divers animals.

X. Perchemyners, Bukbynders.--Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac; a ram, bush, and angel.

XI. Hosyers.--Moses exalting the serpent in the wilderness; king Pharaoh; eight Jews admiring and expecting.

XII. Spicers.--Mary and a doctor declaring the sayings of the prophets about the future birth of Christ; an angel saluting her. Mary saluting Elizabeth.

XIII. Peuterers, Founders.--Mary, Joseph willing to put her away, an angel speaking to them that they should go to Bethlehem.

XIV. Tylers.--Mary, Joseph, a midwife, the child born lying in a manger betwixt an ox and an ass, and the angel speaking to the shepherds.

XV. Chaundelers.--The shepherds speaking by turns; the star in the east; an angel giving joy to the shepherds that a child was born.

XVI. Goldsmithes, Orfeures.--The three kings coming from the east, Herod asking them about the child Christ; with the son of Herod, two counsellors and a messenger.

XVII. Gold-beters, Mone-makers.--Mary with the child and the star above, and the three kings offering gifts.

XVIII. Masons.--Mary with the child; Joseph, Anna, and a nurse with young pigeons; Simeon receiving the child in his arms, and two sons of Simeon.

XIX. Marashals.--Mary with the child, and Joseph flying into Egypt, by an angel's telling them.

XX. Girdellers, Naylers, Sawters.--Herod commanding the children to be slain, four soldiers with lances, two counsellors of the king, and four women lamenting the slaughter of them.

XXI. Sporiers, Lorymers.--The doctors, the child Jesus sitting in the temple in the midst of them, hearing them and asking them questions. Four Jews, Mary and Joseph seeking him and finding him in the temple.

XXII. Barbers.--Jesus, John the baptist baptising him, and two angels helping them.

XXIII. Vyntners.--Jesus, Mary, bridgeroom and bride, master of the household with his family with six water-pots, where water is turned into wine.

XXIV. Smythes, Fevers.--Jesus upon the pinnacle of the temple; Satan tempting with stones; two angels administering, etc.

XXV. C[orvisors.]--Peter, James and John; Jesus ascending into the mountain and transfiguring himself before them. Moses and Elias appearing, and a voice speaking from a cloud.

XXVI. Elennagers.--Simon the leper asking Jesus if he would eat with him. Two disciples; Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus, and wiping them with her hair.

XXVII. Plummers, Patten-makers.--Jesus, two Apostles, the woman taken in adultery, four Jews accusing her.

XXVIII. Pouch-makers, Botillers, Cap-makers.--Lazarus in the sepurchre; Mary Magdalene, Martha, and two Jews admiring.

XXIX. Vestment-makers, Skynners.--Jesus upon an ass with its foal; twelve Apostles following Jesus; six rich and six poor men, with eight boys with branches of palm trees, constantly saying blessed, etc., and Zaccheus ascending into a sycamore tree.

XXX. Cuttelers, Blade-smythes, Shethers, Scalers, Buklemakers, Horners.--Pilate, Caiaphas, two soldiers, three Jews, Judas selling Jesus.

XXXI. Bakers, Waterleders.--The supper of the Lord and paschal Lamb, twelve apostles; Jesus, tied about with a linen towel, washing their feet. The institution of the sacrament of the body of Christ in the new law, and communion of the Apostles.

XXXII. Cordwaners.--Pilate, Caiaphas, Annas, forty armed soldiers, Malchas, Peter, James, John, Jesus, and Judas kissing and betraying him.

XXXIII. Bowers, Fletchers.--Jesus, Annas, Caiaphas, and four Jews striking and bastinadoing Christ. Peter, the woman accusing him, and Malchas.

XXXIV. Tapisers, Couchers.--Jesus, Pilate, Annas, Caiaphas; two counsellors and four Jews accusing Christ.

XXXV. Littesters.--Herod, two counsellors, four soldiers, Jesus, and three Jews.

XXXVI. Cukes, Water-leders.--Pilate, Annas, Caiaphas, two Jews, and Judas carrying from them thirty pieces of silver.

XXXVII. Sauce-makers.--Judas hanging himself.

XXXVIII. Milners, Tiel-makers, Ropers, Cevers, Turners, Hayresters, Bollers.--Jesus, Pilate, Caiaphas, Annas, six soldiers carrying spears and ensigns, and other four leading Jesus from Herod desiring Barabbas to be released and Jesus to be crucified, and then binding and scourging him, putting a crown of thorns upon his head; three soldiers casting lots for the vesture of Jesus.

XXXIX. Shermen.--Jesus covered with blood bearing his cross towards mount Calvary, Simon Sereneus, etc.

XL. Pynners, Lateners, Paynters.--The cross, Jesus extended upon it on the earth; four Jews scourging him with whips, and afterwards erecting the cross, with Jesus upon it, on Mount Calvary.

XLI. Bouchers, Pulterers.--The cross, two thieves crucified and Jesus suspended betwixt them; Mary the mother of Jesus, John, Mary, James and Salome; a soldier with a lance, and a servant with a sponge. Pilate, Annas, Caiaphas, a centurion, Joseph of Arimathea, and Nicodemus taking him down and laying him in the sepulchre.

XLII. Satellers, Sellers, Glasiers.--Jesus destroying hell; twelve good and twelve evil spirits.

XLIII. Carpenters, Joyners.--The centurion declaring to Pilate, Caiaphas and Annas, with other Jews, the signs appearing on the death of Jesus.

XLIV. Cartwrights, Carvers, Sawyers.--Jesus rising from the sepulchre, four soldiers armed, and three Marias lamenting; Pilate, Caiaphas, and Annas; a young man clothed in white sitting in the sepulchre and talking to the women.

XLV. Wyedrawers.--Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene with spices.

XLVI. Broggers, Wool-pakkers, Wadsmen.--Jesus, Luke and Cleophas in the form of travellers.

XLVII. Escriviners, Lumners, Questors, Dubbors.--Jesus, Peter, John, James, Philip and other Apostles; Thomas feeling the wounds of Jesus.

XLVIII. Taillyoures.--Mary, John the Evangelist, two angels, and eleven Apostles; Jesus ascending before them, and four angels bearing a cloud.

XLIX. Potters.--Mary, two angels, eleven Apostles, the Holy Ghost descending upon them, and four Jews admiring.

L. Drapers.--Jesus, Mary, Gabriel with two angels, two virgins and three Jews of the kindred of Mary, eight Apostles, and two devils.

LI. Lynwevers.--Four Apostles bearing the shrine of Mary, Fergus hanging upon it with two other Jews, and one angel.

LII. Wevers of wollen.--Mary ascending with a multitude of angels; eight Apostles, with Thomas preaching in the desert.

LIII. Hostilers.--Mary, and Jesus crowning her with a great number of angels.

LIV. Mercers.--Jesus, Mary, twelve Apostles; four angels with trumpets, and four with a lance with two scourges; four good and four bad spirits, and six devils.


From the Towneley Collection

I. Creatio.

II. Mactatio Abel.

III. Processus Noe cum filiis.

IV. Abraham.

V. Isaac.

VI. Jacob.

VII. Processus Prophetarum.

VIII. Pharao.

IX. Cæsar Augustus.

X. Annunciatio.

XI. Salutatio Elizabeth.

XII. Prima Pagina Pastorum.

XIII. Secunda Pagina Pastorum.

XIV. Oblatio Magorum.

XV. Fugatio Joseph et Mariæ in Egyptum.

XVI. Magnus Herodes.

XVII. Purificatio Mariæ.

XVIII. Pagina Doctorum.

XIX. Johannes Baptista.

XX. Conspiratio et Captio.

XXI. Coliphizatio.

XXII. Flagellatio.

XXIII. Processus Crucis.

XXIV. Processus Talentorum.

XXV. Extractio Animarum ab Inferno.

XXVI. Resurrectio Domini.

XXVII. Peregrini.

XXVIII. Thomas Indiæ.

XXIX. Ascensio Domini.

XXX. Juditium.

XXXI. Lazarus.

XXXII. Suspensio Judæ.


I. The Fall of Lucifer, by the Tanners.

II. The Creation, by the Drapers.

III. The Deluge, by the Dyers.

IV. Abraham, Melchisedech, and Lot, by the Barbers and Wax-chandlers.

V. Moses, Balak, and Balaam, by the Hatters and Linen-drapers.

VI. The Salutation and Nativity, by the Wrights.

VII. The Shepherds feeding their flocks by night, by the Painters and Glaziers.

VIII. The three Kings, by the Vintners.

IX. The Oblation of the three Kings, by the Mercers.

X. The Killing of the Innocents, by the Goldsmiths.

XI. The Purification, by the Blacksmiths.

XII. The Temptation, by the Butchers.

XIII. The Blindmen and Lazarus, by the Glovers.

XIV. Jesus and the Lepers, by the Corvisors.

XV. The last Supper, by the Bakers.

XVI. The Passion and Crucifixion of Christ, by the Fletchers, Coopers, and Ironmongers.

XVII. The Descent into Hell, by the Cooks.

XVIII. The Resurrection, by the Skinners.

XIX. The Appearing of Christ to the two Disciples, by the Saddlers.

XX. The Ascension, by the Tailors.

XXI. The Election of St. Mathias, sending of the Holy Ghost, by the Fishmongers.

XXII. Ezekiel, by the Clothiers.

XXIII. Antichrist, by the Dyers.

XXIV. The Day of Judgement, by the Websters.


I. The Creation.

II. The Fall of Man.

III. The Death of Abel.

IV. Noah's Flood.

V. Abraham's Sacrifice.

VI. Moses and the Two Tables.

VII. The Genealogy of Christ.

VIII. Anna's Pregnancy.

IX. Mary in the Temple.

X. Her Betrothment.

XI. The Salutation and Conception.

XII. Joseph's Return.

XIII. The Visit to Elizabeth.

XIV. The Trial of Joseph and Mary.

XV. The Birth of Christ.

XVI. The Shepherd's Offering.

XVII. Caret in MS. XVIII. Adoration of the Magi. XIX. The Purification.

XX. Slaughter of the Innocents.

XXI. Christ disputing in the Temple.

XXII. The Baptism of Christ.

XXIII. The Temptation.

XXIV. The Woman taken in Adultery.

XXV. Lazarus.

XXVI. Council of the Jews.

XXVII. Mary Magdalen.

XXVIII. Christ betrayed.

XXIX. Herod.

XXX. The Trial of Christ.

XXXI. The Dream of Pilate's Wife.

XXXII. The Crucifixion.

XXXIII. The Descent into Hell.

XXXIV. Sealing of the Tomb.

XXXV. The Resurrection.

XXXVI. The Three Marias.

XXXVII. Christ appearing to Mary Magdalen.

XXXVIII. The Pilgrim of Emaus.

XXXIX. The Ascension.

XL. Descent of the Holy Ghost.

XLI. The Assumption of the Virgin.

XLII. Doomsday.