Act V. - Scene II.

Enter CALLAPINE, KING OF AMASIA, a CAPTAIN, and train, with drums and trumpets.

CALLAPINE. King of Amasia, now our mighty host Marcheth in Asia Major, where the streams Of Euphrates<611> and Tigris swiftly run; And here may we<612> behold great Babylon, Circled about with Limnasphaltis' lake, Where Tamburlaine with all his army lies, Which being faint and weary with the siege, We may lie ready to encounter him Before his host be full from Babylon, And so revenge our latest grievous loss, If God or Mahomet send any aid.

KING OF AMASIA. Doubt not, my lord, but we shall conquer him: The monster that hath drunk a sea of blood, And yet gapes still for more to quench his thirst, Our Turkish swords shall headlong send to hell; And that vile carcass, drawn by warlike kings, The fowls shall eat; for never sepulchre Shall grace this<613> base-born tyrant Tamburlaine.

CALLAPINE. When I record<614> my parents' slavish life, Their cruel death, mine own captivity, My viceroys' bondage under Tamburlaine, Methinks I could sustain a thousand deaths, To be reveng'd of all his villany.-- Ah, sacred Mahomet, thou that hast seen Millions of Turks perish by Tamburlaine, Kingdoms made waste, brave cities sack'd and burnt, And but one host is left to honour thee, Aid<615> thy obedient servant Callapine, And make him, after all these overthrows, To triumph over cursed Tamburlaine!

KING OF AMASIA. Fear not, my lord: I see great Mahomet, Clothed in purple clouds, and on his head A chaplet brighter than Apollo's crown, Marching about the air with armed men, To join with you against this Tamburlaine.

CAPTAIN. Renowmed<616> general, mighty Callapine, Though God himself and holy Mahomet Should come in person to resist your power, Yet might your mighty host encounter all, And pull proud Tamburlaine upon his knees To sue for mercy at your highness' feet.

CALLAPINE. Captain, the force of Tamburlaine is great, His fortune greater, and the victories Wherewith he hath so sore dismay'd the world Are greatest to discourage all our drifts; Yet, when the pride of Cynthia is at full, She wanes again; and so shall his, I hope; For we have here the chief selected men Of twenty several kingdoms at the least; Nor ploughman, priest, nor merchant, stays at home; All Turkey is in arms with Callapine; And never will we sunder camps and arms Before himself or his be conquered: This is the time that must eternize me For conquering the tyrant of the world. Come, soldiers, let us lie in wait for him, And, if we find him absent from his camp, Or that it be rejoin'd again at full, Assail it, and be sure of victory. [Exeunt.]