Act III. - Scene III.

Enter TECHELLES, THERIDAMAS, and their train.

THERIDAMAS. Thus have we march'd northward from Tamburlaine, Unto the frontier point<449> of Soria;<450> And this is Balsera, their chiefest hold, Wherein is all the treasure of the land.

TECHELLES. Then let us bring our light artillery, Minions, falc'nets, and sakers,<451> to the trench, Filling the ditches with the walls' wide breach, And enter in to seize upon the hold.--<452> How say you, soldiers, shall we not?

SOLDIERS. Yes, my lord, yes; come, let's about it.

THERIDAMAS. But stay a while; summon a parle, drum. It may be they will yield it quietly,<453> Knowing two kings, the friends<454> to Tamburlaine, Stand at the walls with such a mighty power. [A parley sounded.--CAPTAIN appears on the walls, with OLYMPIA his wife, and his SON.]

CAPTAIN. What require you, my masters?

THERIDAMAS. Captain, that thou yield up thy hold to us.

CAPTAIN. To you! why, do you<455> think me weary of it?

TECHELLES. Nay, captain, thou art weary of thy life, If thou withstand the friends of Tamburlaine.

THERIDAMAS. These pioners<456> of Argier in Africa, Even in<457> the cannon's face, shall raise a hill Of earth and faggots higher than thy fort, And, over thy argins<458> and cover'd ways, Shall play upon the bulwarks of thy hold Volleys of ordnance, till the breach be made That with his ruin fills up all the trench; And, when we enter in, not heaven itself Shall ransom thee, thy wife, and family.

TECHELLES. Captain, these Moors shall cut the leaden pipes That bring fresh water to thy men and thee, And lie in trench before thy castle-walls, That no supply of victual shall come in, Nor [any] issue forth but they shall die; And, therefore, captain, yield it quietly.<459>

CAPTAIN. Were you, that are the friends of Tamburlaine,<460> Brothers of<461> holy Mahomet himself, I would not yield it; therefore do your worst: Raise mounts, batter, intrench, and undermine, Cut off the water, all convoys that can,<462> Yet I am<463> resolute: and so, farewell. [CAPTAIN, OLYMPIA, and SON, retire from the walls.]

THERIDAMAS. Pioners, away! and where I stuck the stake, Intrench with those dimensions I prescrib'd; Cast up the earth towards the castle-wall, Which, till it may defend you, labour low, And few or none shall perish by their shot.

PIONERS. We will, my lord. [Exeunt PIONERS.]

TECHELLES. A hundred horse shall scout about the plains, To spy what force comes to relieve the hold. Both we, Theridamas, will intrench our men, And with the Jacob's staff measure the height And distance of the castle from the trench, That we may know if our artillery Will carry full point-blank unto their walls.

THERIDAMAS. Then see the bringing of our ordnance Along the trench into<464> the battery, Where we will have gallions of six foot broad, To save our cannoneers from musket-shot; Betwixt which shall our ordnance thunder forth, And with the breach's fall, smoke, fire, and dust, The crack, the echo, and the soldiers' cry, Make deaf the air and dim the crystal sky.

TECHELLES. Trumpets and drums, alarum presently! And, soldiers, play the men; the hold<465> is yours! [Exeunt.]