Act III - Act III, Scene XIII

[To them] NURSE.

MRS FORE. Nurse; your master is not well; put him to bed.

SCAN. I hope you will be able to see Valentine in the morning. You had best take a little diacodion and cowslip-water, and lie upon your back: maybe you may dream.

FORE. I thank you, Mr Scandal, I will. Nurse, let me have a watchlight, and lay the Crumbs of Comfort by me.

NURSE. Yes, sir.

FORE. And--hem, hem! I am very faint.

SCAN. No, no, you look much better.

FORE. Do I? And, d'ye hear, bring me, let me see--within a quarter of twelve, hem--he, hem!--just upon the turning of the tide, bring me the urinal; and I hope, neither the lord of my ascendant, nor the moon will be combust; and then I may do well.

SCAN. I hope so. Leave that to me; I will erect a scheme; and I hope I shall find both Sol and Venus in the sixth house.

FORE. I thank you, Mr Scandal, indeed that would be a great comfort to me. Hem, hem! good night.