Act I - Act I, Scene VII


SCAN. Here's a dog now, a traitor in his wine: sirrah, refund the sack.--Jeremy, fetch him some warm water, or I'll rip up his stomach, and go the shortest way to his conscience.

TRAP. Mr Scandal, you are uncivil; I did not value your sack; but you cannot expect it again when I have drunk it.

SCAN. And how do you expect to have your money again when a gentleman has spent it?

VAL. You need say no more, I understand the conditions; they are very hard, but my necessity is very pressing: I agree to 'em. Take Mr Trapland with you, and let him draw the writing. Mr Trapland, you know this man: he shall satisfy you.

TRAP. Sincerely, I am loth to be thus pressing, but my necessity -

VAL. No apology, good Mr Scrivener, you shall be paid.

TRAP. I hope you forgive me; my business requires -