Act I - Act I, Scene XV

[To them] JEREMY.

JERE. Sir, here's the steward again from your father.

VAL. I'll come to him--will you give me leave? I'll wait on you again presently,

MRS FRAIL. No; I'll be gone. Come, who squires me to the Exchange? I must call my sister Foresight there.

SCAN. I will: I have a mind to your sister.


TATT. I will: because I have a tendre for your ladyship.

MRS FRAIL. That's somewhat the better reason, to my opinion.

SCAN. Well, if Tattle entertains you, I have the better opportunity to engage your sister.

VAL. Tell Angelica I am about making hard conditions to come abroad, and be at liberty to see her.

SCAN. I'll give an account of you and your proceedings. If indiscretion be a sign of love, you are the most a lover of anybody that I know: you fancy that parting with your estate will help you to your mistress. In my mind he is a thoughtless adventurer

Who hopes to purchase wealth by selling land; Or win a mistress with a losing hand.