Dramatis Personae

DUNCAN, King of Scotland

MALCOLM, elder son of Duncan

DONALBAIN, younger son of Duncan

MACBETH, Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, a general in the King's army

LADY MACBETH, his wife

BANQUO, Thane of Lochaber, a general in the King's army

FLEANCE, his son

MACDUFF, Thane of Fife, a nobleman of Scotland

LADY MACDUFF, his wife

LENNOX, nobleman of Scotland

ROSS, nobleman of Scotland

MENTEITH, nobleman of Scotland

ANGUS, nobleman of Scotland

CAITHNESS, nobleman of Scotland

SIWARD, Earl of Northumberland, general of the English forces


SEYTON, attendant to Macbeth

Another Lord

An English Doctor

A Scottish Doctor

A Sergeant

Boy, Son of Macduff

Gentlewoman attending on Lady Macbeth

A Captain serving Duncan

A Porter

An Old Man

Three Murderers of Banquo

First Murderer at Macduff's castle

Messenger to Lady Macbeth

Messenger to Lady Macduff

Servant to Lady Macbeth

Servant to Lady Macduff

Three witches or weird sisters

HECATE, Queen of the Witches

Three Apparitions

Lords, Gentlemen, Officers, Soldiers, Murderers, Attendants, and Messengers)

SCENE: Scotland and England