Act III - Roxane's Kiss

A small square in the old Marais. The houses are old and the streets are narrow. On the right is ROXANE'S house and the wall of her garden, which is overhung with thick foliage. There is a window and balcony over the door and a bench in front of the house. By the use of the bench and some stones jutting out of the wall, it is easy to climb to the balcony.

Opposite ROXANE'S house is an old house in the same style of brick and stone. The knocker on the door is bandaged with linen like a sore thumb.

At the rising of the curtain, the duenna is seated on the bench. The window on ROXANE'S balcony is wide open. RAGUENEAU is standing near the door dressed in a sort of livery. He has just finished relating something to the DUENNA, and is wiping his eyes.


  1. Here, the word "square" refers to an open public space usually in the center of a town, used for gatherings in the community.

    — Lori Steinbach