What Is Owl Eyes?

Owl Eyes is first and foremost a library. We provide public domain texts for anyone to read and annotate—completely free. We also provide content and resources for educators who wish to teach these texts.

Our mission is to make public domain texts more accessible and to equip readers with the best tools to help them read and learn—and enjoy doing it!

Read free texts on any device, simply and beautifully. Users can read annotations, write their own, or save books for later.

Who Writes the Official Annotations?

Our in-house editorial team consists of former teachers, educators, and English-literature enthusiasts who love researching and writing about these classic texts. We make sure that everything on the site is edited and fact-checked before we publish.

Why "Owl Eyes"? Owl Eyes is a character in The Great Gatsby, whom Nick discovers in Gatsby’s library. Owl Eyes is poring over Gatsby’s large collection of books, and is amazed that they are real (and not fake books designed to create the illusion of knowledge). We hope Owl Eyes will inspire you to read...anywhere and on any device.

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