About Us

Owl Eyes is an improved reading experience for students, teachers, and everyday readers. We wanted a clean, smart e-reading and annotating tool, and when we couldn't find one we liked, we built it!

Our mission is to bring reading to life. We're obsessed with education and will continue to create the best tools to help people read and learn...and enjoy doing it!

Read on any device, simply and beautifully. View annotations or add your own. Reading on Owl Eyes gives you the most academic, interactive reading experience around. Check out our library to get started.

Teach using our free classroom assignment tools. With students reading more and more on mobile, we decided to bring the text and homework to them. Create a virtual classroom, add students, and assign annotation, reading, and quizzes.

Owl Eyes for Teachers

Why "Owl Eyes"? Owl Eyes is a character in The Great Gatsby, whom Nick discovers in Gatsby’s library. Owl Eyes is poring over Gatsby’s large collection of books, and is amazed that they are real (and not fake books designed to create the illusion of knowledge). We hope Owl Eyes will inspire you to read...anywhere and on any device.

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