How Does It Work?

Step 1: Sign Up

Head to our sign up page. It’s as quick as turning a page and, best of all, it’s FREE!

Step 2: Start Reading

Browse the Owl Eyes library, click on any book you like, and click Start Reading. It’s that easy! If you leave your book to grab a coffee, don’t worry! Owl Eyes saves your progress for you. Simply return to that title and click Continue Reading to pick up right where you left off.

Step 3: Annotate and Assign

(Visit our library for a comprehensive walkthrough.)

View annotations: click on any highlighted passage to reveal its annotations and quiz questions at the bottom of your screen. To hide the highlights, annotations, and quiz questions, simply click on the highlighted passage again, or click the ‘X’ in the corner of the quiz questions and annotations screen.

Filter content on Owl Eyes begin by clicking theAnnotation Filterbutton in the upper right-hand corner of the reading pane. Here you can filter between Highlights, Annotations, and Quiz Questions with the Annotation, , andQuiz Questionbuttons and choose whether you would like to see everyone’s annotations, just your own, or hide annotations all together. You can also sort by tags such as Imagery, Metaphor, or even Facts about the text!

Skip from chapter to chapter: chose a book in your library and make a selection from the Table of Contents using theTable of Contentsbutton.

Search keywords or phrases: click theSearchbutton and type in any keyword or phrase to browse through multiple related passages. Then, click ‘context’ to jump directly to a passage of interest.

Step 4: Save It For Later

If you want to save a book for later, click on the book in the library and click the Add to Your Books button. These books will appear in the My Books section on the left-hand side of your screen.

How to Create an Annotation

How to Create a Quiz Question

How to Set Up Your Classroom

How to Make Annotations Visible to Others

In the General Reading View:

You can choose to make your annotations visible to the world! By default, all annotations made are private to you. However, to make your annotation visible to others, simply check the submit box when writing your annotation to send it to the Owl Eyes editors for a quick review. Approved annotations will be publicly visible to all users. We welcome your contributions!

In the Classroom Reading View:

Alternatively, if you participate within a classroom, anyone in your classroom can immediately see anything you write. To do this, add a book to your classroom, enter the reading view, click on the books in the top left corner, and select your classroom from the dropdown. Make sure your students do the same! All annotations made here are private to your classroom and visible to all classroom participants. We encourage you to collaborate on these great texts!

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