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Historical Context in Daisy Miller

Historical Context Examples in Daisy Miller:

Part I

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"Bonivard..."   (Part I)

This is a reference to François Bonivard, a Swiss patriot of the 16th century imprisoned underground in the Castle of Chillon by Charles III, Duke of Savoy. Lord Byron's poem, "The Prisoner of Chillon," was inspired by Bonivard's life.

"count..."   (Part I)

A "count" is an inherited title of European nobility for men and is ranked midway between the lowest degree of nobility and the highest. 

"Comanche..."   (Part I)

This is a reference to the Native Americans who belong to the Comanche tribe. They are noted historically for being fierce warriors in their fight against the settlement of the American West during the 1800s. 

"Vevey..."   (Part I)

Vevey is a small Swiss town on the north shore of Lake Geneva, near Lausanne. A "Pearl of the Swiss Riviera," Vevey has long been a popular destination for tourists and the haunt of artists, writers, and intellectuals.

"great cross in the center..."   (Part II)

Under the direction of Pope Benedict XIV in 1794, the Colosseum was consecrated in memory of the Christians martyrs who died there at the hands of the Romans. A large black wooden cross stands in the arena.

"Colosseum..."   (Part II)

The Roman Colosseum is located east of the Forum and is the great Roman amphitheater where ancient Romans were entertained by gladiators and other public spectacles.

"Forum..."   (Part II)

The Roman Forum is a rectangular plaza located in the center of Rome; in ancient times, the site of government and public life. Surrounding the Forum are the ruins of many government buildings from which Rome was once ruled. 

"optical instrument..."   (Part II)

Also called a "lorgnette," this is an eyeglass lens affixed to a long, slender handle that served as a fashionable and useful accessory for women. 

"I suspect, Mrs. Walker, that you and I have lived too long at Geneva..."   (Part II)

Winterbourne is making an indirect allusion to the strict code of social behavior among members of the upper class.

"Pincio..."   (Part II)

This is a reference to the Pincio Gardens, a park located on a hill in Rome; the gardens originated in ancient Rome.

"Florence..."   (Part II)

The city of Florence is located in the Italian region of Tuscany and considered the birthplace of the Renaissance.

"City of Richmond..."   (Part II)

Randolph is referring to a steamship, built in 1873, that carried passengers on a route between Liverpool, England, and New York City, from 1873 until 1890.

"Cherbuliez's..."   (Part II)

This is Victor Cherbuliez, a successful French novelist, author, and teacher born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1829. 

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