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Foreshadowing in Kubla Khan

Foreshadowing Examples in Kubla Khan:

Kubla Khan

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"Or, a vision in a dream. A fragment...."   (Kubla Khan)

The poem’s subtitle foreshadows the theme of art as an endless pursuit of perfect expression. Coleridge calls the poem “a fragment” in a recognition of its limits. The reference to the “vision in a dream” refers both the the circumstances of Coleridge’s composition of the poem as well as the structure of the poem’s narrative: a dreamlike description of Xanadu is followed by a wakeful reflection.

"lifeless ocean..."   (Kubla Khan)

It is interesting that the ocean is "lifeless." It may be supposed that "lifeless ocean" foreshadows what is to come from the events seen by "voices prophesying war!"

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