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Meter in Parties: A Hymn of Hate

Meter Examples in Parties: A Hymn of Hate:

Text of the Poem

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"And everyone exclaims over how beautiful the lights of the city look—..."   (Text of the Poem)

Parker employs a loose, unmetered free-verse style with a conversational tone. The line lengths are determined by the phrases and sentences, so there is a lot of line variation and no enjambment. Parker uses differences in line length for tonal effect. For example, this line about the “light of the city” is, at 19 syllables, the longest of the poem. The very next line, the 4-syllable “I’ll say they do,” is the shortest. The long, flowing nature of the first line captures the rapture of the other party-goers. The terse “I’ll say they do” conveys the contrasting impatience of the speaker.

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