Act II - Scene IV

[Khlestakov, Osip, and a Servant.]

SERVANT: The landlord sent me up to ask what you want.

KHLESTAKOV: Ah, how do you do, brother! How are you? How are you?

SERVANT: All right, thank you.

KHLESTAKOV: And how are you getting on in the inn? Is business good?

SERVANT: Yes, business is all right, thank you.

KHLESTAKOV: Many guests?

SERVANT: Plenty.

KHLESTAKOV: See here, good friend. They haven't sent me dinner yet. Please hurry them up! See that I get it as soon as possible. I have some business to attend to immediately after dinner.

SERVANT: The landlord said he won't let you have anything any more. He was all for going to the Governor to-day and making a complaint against you.

KHLESTAKOV: What's there to complain about? Judge for yourself, friend. Why, I've got to eat. If I go on like this I'll turn into a skeleton. I'm hungry, I'm not joking.

SERVANT: Yes, sir, that's what he said. "I won't let him have no dinner," he said, "till he pays for what he has already had." That was his answer.

KHLESTAKOV: Try to persuade him.

SERVANT: But what shall I tell him?

KHLESTAKOV: Explain that it's a serious matter, I've got to eat. As for the money, of course—He thinks that because a muzhik like him can go without food a whole day others can too. The idea!

SERVANT: Well, all right. I'll tell him.

[The Servant and Osip go out.]