Act II - Scene IX

[The above and the Servant, accompanied by Osip. Bobchinsky peeps in at the door.]

SERVANT: Did your Honor wish anything?

KHLESTAKOV: Yes, let me have the bill.

SERVANT: I gave you the second one a little while ago.

KHLESTAKOV: Oh, I can't remember your stupid accounts. Tell me what the whole comes to.

SERVANT: You were pleased to order dinner the first day. The second day you only took salmon. And then you took everything on credit.

KHLESTAKOV: Fool! [Starts to count it all up now.] How much is it altogether?

GOVERNOR: Please don't trouble yourself. He can wait. [To the Servant.] Get out of here. The money will be sent to you.

KHLESTAKOV: Yes, that's so, of course. [He puts the money in his pocket.]

[The Servant goes out. Bobchinsky peeps in at the door.]