Act III - Scene IV

[Mishka and Osip.]

OSIP: Where is this to go?

MISHKA: In here, in here.

OSIP: Wait, let me fetch breath first. Lord! What a wretched life! On an empty stomach any load seems heavy.

MISHKA: Say, uncle, will the general be here soon?

OSIP: What general?

MISHKA: Your master.

OSIP: My master? What sort of a general is he?

MISHKA: Isn't he a general?

OSIP: Yes, he's a general, only the other way round.

MISHKA: Is that higher or lower than a real general?

OSIP: Higher.

MISHKA: Gee whiz! That's why they are raising such a racket about him here.

OSIP: Look here, young man, I see you're a smart fellow. Get me something to eat, won't you?

MISHKA: There isn't anything ready yet for the likes of you. You won't eat plain food. When your master takes his meal, they'll let you have the same as he gets.

OSIP: But have you got any plain stuff?

MISHKA: We have cabbage soup, porridge and pie.

OSIP: That's all right. We'll eat cabbage soup, porridge and pie, we'll eat everything. Come, help me with the valise. Is there another way to go out there?


[They both carry the valise into the next room.]