Act III - Scene VIII

[Anna Andreyevna and Marya Antonovna.]

ANNA: Oh, how charming he is!

MARYA: A perfect dear!

ANNA: Such refined manners. You can recognize the big city article at once. How he carries himself, and all that sort of thing! Exquisite! I'm just crazy for young men like him. I am in ecstasies—beside myself. He liked me very much though. I noticed he kept looking at me all the time.

MARYA: Oh, mamma, he looked at me.

ANNA: No more nonsense please. It's out of place now.

MARYA: But really, mamma, he did look at me.

ANNA: There you go! For God's sake, don't argue. You mustn't. That's enough. What would he be looking at you for? Please tell me, why would he be looking at you?

MARYA: It's true, mamma. He kept looking at me. He looked at me when he began to speak about literature and he looked at me afterwards, when he told about how he played whist with the ambassadors.

ANNA: Well, maybe he looked at you once or twice and might have said to himself, "Oh, well, I'll give her a look."