Act V - Scene V

[A number of Guests enter. They kiss Anna's hand saying: "Anna Andreyevna," then Marya's hand, saying "Marya Antonovna." Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky enter jostling each other.]

BOBCHINSKY: I have the honor to congratulate you.

DOBCHINSKY: Anton Antonovich, I have the honor to congratulate you.

BOBCHINSKY: On the happy event.

DOBCHINSKY: Anna Andreyevna!

BOBCHINSKY: Anna Andreyevna!

[They bend over her hand at the same time and bump foreheads.]

DOBCHINSKY: Marya Antonovna! [Kisses her hand.] I have the honor to congratulate you. You will enjoy the greatest happiness. You will wear garments of gold and eat the most delicate soups, and you will pass your time most entertainingly.

BOBCHINSKY: [breaking in] God give you all sorts of riches and of money and a wee tiny little son, like this. [Shows the size with his hands.] So that he can sit on the palm of your hand. The little fellow will be crying all the time, "Wow, wow, wow."