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Character Analysis in The Adventure of the Dancing Men

Character Analysis Examples in The Adventure of the Dancing Men:


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"Why, Holmes, it is a child's drawing," I cried..."   (THE ADVENTURE OF THE DANCING MEN)

In addition to being the narrator of almost all the Sherlock Holmes stories, Watson serves as a foil to the great detective. Although he is a doctor and good writer, Watson is not as intelligent as readers, who know intuitively that the "dancing men" are not doodles or a child's drawing but probably a novel kind of secret code. When Watson expresses an opinion about anything except medicine, he is usually wrong. Watson makes readers feel relatively keen-witted and helps them identify with Sherlock Holmes. Why does Holmes put up with Watson? He probably likes him for the same reasons readers like him. Watson is easygoing, tolerant, patient, kind, loyal, honest, and good-natured. He is a good observer, but he does not have the ability to make deductions. These qualities make him an ideal companion, assistant, and biographer of Sherlock Holmes. 

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