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Simile in Araby

As with metaphors, Joyce employs this method of comparison throughout the story, particularly in conjunction with other literary devices such as personification and imagery. When the narrator finally arrives at Araby Joyce uses various similes to compare the bazaar with church services.

Simile Examples in Araby:


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"I recognised a silence like that which pervades a church after a service..."   (Araby)

There are a few words in this paragraph that provide clues, but Joyce still uses a rather specific simile to ensure that readers make the connection between the Araby bazaar and a church. However, the quiet and the dark makes the scene more closely resemble a church after its service has finished.

"like fingers running upon the wires..."   (Araby)

Joyce's choice of words in this sentence masterfully conveys the boy's confusion about love and sexuality. The language the boy uses here is overly sentimental and even a little ridiculous, and he even ruins the mood of the simile by incorrectly calling the harp strings "wires."

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