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Literary Devices in Bernice Bobs Her Hair

Literary Devices Examples in Bernice Bobs Her Hair:


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"ever so slightly..."   (III)

Notice that Marjorie’s critiques of Bernice’s behavior are not glaring errors but slight changes in manners. The narrator might be mocking Marjorie and the culture she stands for: what seems like revolutionary ideas and behaviors to Marjorie and her friends are in reality only “ever so slightly” different.

"Bernice admitted it by bursting into tears. Marjorie's eyes showed boredom...."   (III)

Again, the narrator juxtaposes Bernice’s emotional response with Marjorie’s apathy. Marjorie seems to have rejected common social conventions that encourage sympathy and comfort to someone who is crying. She seems almost inhumanly cruel because of her lack of care.

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