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Rhyme in The Black Cat

Rhyme Examples in The Black Cat:

The Black Cat

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"clotted with gore,..."   (The Black Cat)

Poe crafted this particularly chewy phrase by recycling consonant pairs. The letters “c” and “g” form a consonant pair—the latter being the voiced version of the former. The liquid consonants “r” and “l” are twins as well; we produce them using similar flicks of the tongue. When spoken, the effect of these recycled consonant sounds, thick with liquids, is a somewhat sticky, revolting sensation—perfect for the image at hand.

"I blush, I burn, I shudder, while I pen the damnable atrocity...."   (The Black Cat)

This sentence is built upon a rhythmic string of consonant sounds, namely b, p, d, and t. The consonance is enhanced by Poe's manipulation of consonant pairs. Each consonant has its pair: a voiced or unvoiced version of the same sound. For example, pronounce a “p.” Then pronounce it again while activating your vocal cords. You’ll find the “p” has turned to a “b.” The same is true with “t” and “d.” By lacing the sentence with these pairs, Poe greatly enhances its musicality.

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