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Rhyme in To Build a Fire

Rhyme Examples in To Build a Fire:

To Build a Fire

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"an intangible pall..."   (To Build a Fire)

London uses “pall” in both senses of the word. On one level, we see the stark lighting that falls across the landscape. On another level, London evokes the image of a funereal pall, a piece of cloth lain upon a coffin, thus offering connotations and foreshadowings of death. There is also a subtle rhyme between the final syllable of “intangible” and “pall,” with a consonance between b and p.

"little-traveled trail..."   (To Build a Fire)

This three-word phrase is an example of carefully crafted rhyme and meter. The repetition of t and l sounds gives the words a sense of connectivity. The metrical bounce—stress, unstress, stress, unstress, stress—gives the phrase a jaunty feeling, akin to that of hiking along a trail.

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