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Allusion in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Allusion Examples in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court:

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"Sir Sagramor le Desirous..."   (A Word Of Explanation)

Although Sagramor is considered a worthy Knight of the Round Table, he has the reputation of being impatient and hard to control.

"Sir Galahad..."   (A Word Of Explanation)

Galahad is one of the purist of the Knights and is one of three knights who succeeds in seeing the Holy Grail, after which he ascends to heaven.

"Sir Launcelot of the Lake..."   (A Word Of Explanation)

In the Arthurian legends, Launcelot is one of Arthur's most trusted and accomplished knights. However, he betrays Arthur by falling in love with Queen Guinevere.

"Sir Bedivere..."   (A Word Of Explanation)

Sir Bedivere is best known perhaps for returning Arthur's sword Excalibur to the lake after Arthur's death.

"Sir Bors de Ganis..."   (A Word Of Explanation)

This is Sir Bors the younger, one of Arthur's most trusted knights and son of King Bors.

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