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Historical Context in Emma

Historical Context Examples in Emma:

Volume I - Chapter I

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"Highbury, the large and populous village,..."   (Volume I - Chapter I)

Highbury is a fictional village located just to the south of London in Surrey. In her novels, Austen uses a mix of actual and fictional locations to add realism—the names of villages and country houses in which the characters live are often fictitious, but many are real places.


"morning visit..."   (Volume I - Chapter II)

A "morning visit" is a tradition among the nobility and aristocracy of paying social calls on one another with some regularity, most often to drink tea and share gossip.

"drawing-room..."   (Volume I - Chapter VI)

A "drawing-room" was the room in a Victorian house where guests were typically greeted and entertained. It is a shortened form of "withdrawing" room, a room to which the host and hostess could withdraw for privacy.

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