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Setting in Emma

Setting Examples in Emma:

Volume I - Chapter III

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"Highbury,..."   (Volume I - Chapter III)

Highbury and Donwell Abbey, located south of London, are both fictitious place names.


"Hartfield,..."   (Volume I - Chapter III)

Hartfield is a fictitious place just south of London in the county of Surrey. Austen uses a mix of real and fictitious place names to create realism—usually, towns and villages are real, and country houses have fictitious names.


"Cobham,..."   (Volume I - Chapter XI)

Cobham, a small town in Surrey, is, according to R. W. Chambers, the model for Austen's fictitious village Highbury. Her use of Cobham here, rather than Highbury, might be a slip of the pen.

"Brunswick Square..."   (Volume I - Chapter XII)

Brunswick Square is a famous and spacious park located in Camden, one of the boroughs in London.

"South End..."   (Volume I - Chapter XII)

South End is a resort-like, seaside town located in southern England, near the mouth of the Thames River.

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