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Simile in A Red, Red Rose

Simile Examples in A Red, Red Rose:

A Red, Red Rose

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"like a red, red rose   That’s newly sprung in June..."   (A Red, Red Rose)

The simile “my luve’s like a red, red rose” is an example of the simplicity that some readers find and appreciate in the poem. The comparison of a lover to a flower is not a jarring or surprising one. However, Burns adds the element of time to this conventional simile, adding that the rose is “newly sprung”—or newly blossomed—“in June.” This suggests that his beloved has not been corrupted by the passage of time. She might literally be young or she might be figuratively fresh in spirit. In addition, the repetition of “red” evokes an ideal redness. The rose symbolizing his beloved is so perfectly red that the speaker has to say it twice.

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