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Syntax in Sonnet 129

Syntax Examples in Sonnet 129:

Sonnet 129

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"proposed..."   (Sonnet 129)

“Proposed” is language that suggests marriage. However, the union suggested is “proposed” by lust: the union between the speaker and his lust. The passive construction of the verb conceals the identity of the proposer. It is thus not clear whether the “joy” of sex is proposed by the dark lady or by the speaker’s own instinctual nature. The syntax here mirrors that of line 8: “On purpose laid,” a phrase which places responsibility on the woman. The speaker externalizes the blame for his lustful actions.

"trust..."   (Sonnet 129)

The litany of violent words in these two lines is connected only by the commas that separate them; the words pour out into the line without logic or control. This catalog reflects the intense build-up that the speaker alludes to in line two that the “action” will dispel.

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