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Character Analysis in Sonnet 19

Character Analysis Examples in Sonnet 19:

Sonnet 19

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"old Time..."   (Sonnet 19)

The conspicuous capitalization of “Time” in line 13 strengthens the authorial nature of the character. By referring to time as “old Time,” the speaker addresses both the longstanding nature of time’s death-bringing faculties while creating a tone of familiarity.

"carve not..."   (Sonnet 19)

Time takes the shape of a character over the course of the poem. In the opening quatrain, time is a “devouring” force. In the final six lines, the speaker personifies time as an artist, craftsman, and writer. This personification places time on a similar plane as the speaker—himself an artist. Through this illusion, the speaker believes he can confront time itself.

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