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Facts in The Fallacy of Success

Facts Examples in The Fallacy of Success:

G. K. Chesterton's "The Fallacy of Success"

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"an article called "The Instinct that Makes People Rich."..."   (G. K. Chesterton's "The Fallacy of Success")

It is unclear if Chesterton is referring to an actual article or if he has fabricated the excerpts he will include below, either as pastiches of articles he has read or as entirely fictional. The answer may have been more obvious to his contemporaries, but modern readers are left uncertain.

"peer..."   (G. K. Chesterton's "The Fallacy of Success")

“Peer” refers to a member of the peerage, the system of hereditary noble titles in Britain. The peerage includes ranks such as Duke and Earl. It is highly unlikely that one of these honors would be bestowed upon a “tenth-rate journalist.”

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