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"Now if she thus can flout authority Unpunished, I am woman, she the man...."   (Antigone)

Creon is initially shocked to learn that Antigone has spread dust over Polynices's corpse (a direct defiance of Creon's ban against his burial). Creon's shock passes, and he reasserts himself stating that Antigone is as insolent as her father and will likewise fall. Creon's pride will not allow Antigone to go unpunished; doing so would make Creon less than a man because he allowed a woman to have power over him.

"Have thine own way then; 'tis a mad endeavor, Yet to thy lovers thou art dear as ever...."   (Antigone)

Having learned her uncle Creon will not give her brother Polynices a proper burial, Antigone has resolved to take matters into her own hands. Her sister, Ismene, fears for his sister's safety and urges her not to do this, or if she does, to do so secretly. Ismene is dismayed by how hard-hearted Antigone seems and tells her that her quest is hopeless. However, Ismene tells her departing sister that she is still loved by everyone despite her irrationality. This shows that Ismene strongly cares for Antigone, and that they both share a close affection for family.

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