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Foreshadowing in The Awakening

Foreshadowing Examples in The Awakening:

Chapter I

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"Looking at them reminded her of her rings, which she had given to her husband before leaving for the beach...."   (Chapter I)

Chopin’s straightforward description presents this information in a regular, routine way. Edna is expected to place her ring back onto her finger without question because of the “understanding” they have as husband and wife. However, since this is the first chapter, pay attention to how Chopin revisits Edna’s wedding ring, and what it symbolizes, in other chapters.

"The present alone was significant;..."   (Chapter XV)

This foreshadows the type of thinking that cause Edna’s misfortune later in the novel. Edna cannot look past her present feelings and cannot learn from past feelings. Her belief that only the present is significant causes her to be consumed by her emotions.

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