Literary Devices in Because I Could Not Stop for Death

Literary Devices Examples in Because I Could Not Stop for Death:

Text of the Poem 2

"'tis centuries..."   (Text of the Poem)

Here, the speaker describes her experience of time as lasting an eternity. Centuries go by and feel like mere days. In this way, she becomes the unembodied “immortality” at the beginning of the poem; in death she finds immortality.

"surmised..."   (Text of the Poem)

"The verb “surmised” means imagined, supposed, or inferred. The entirety of the poem represents the course of the day of her death, during which she infers her journey is towards eternity. In this way, the short space of the poem and the short time one might spend reading the poem mimics the shortness of the speaker’s last day; in turn, this emphasizes the timeless feeling of eternity.