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Character Analysis in Black Beauty

Character Analysis Examples in Black Beauty:

Part I - 07-Ginger

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"my blood was thoroughly up..."   (Part I - 07-Ginger)

The phrase "one's blood was thoroughly up" means she was angry enough not to quit easily, ready to fight until the very end.

"Bill Starkey..."   (Part I - 19-Only Ignorance)

As with Martha Mulwash, we have no evidence that Bill Starkey is a real person, though he may have been (or been modeled after) someone Sewall knew.

"Martha Mulwash..."   (Part I - 19-Only Ignorance)

There is no evidence to suggest that this is a real person or a real story, though she may have been a local figure in the author's world.

"as full of teeth as a bull-dog's..."   (Part IV - 47-Hard Times)

Bulldogs are known for their protruding and quite visible teeth, so this man probably looks a bit like this.

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