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Irony in Fathers and Sons

Irony Examples in Fathers and Sons:

Chapter VI

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""Admit that your friend has beautiful manners!"..."   (Chapter VI)

In an usual act of narration, the narrator imagines what Paul might say aloud to Arkady were he to voice his thoughts. Paul wants Arkady to acknowledge Bazarov’s rudeness, if not his intellectual misguidance. This intimated thought is imagined as ironic.

""It is, with your leave."..."   (Chapter VI)

Bazarov’s use of the phrase “with your leave” is ironic and mocking. Bazarov clearly holds an unfavorable view of Russian thinkers but claims to require Paul’s “leave” in order to express that view. The phrase “with your leave” is itself a military phrase, and so Bazarov directs it to Paul, a former officer, with a mocking tone.

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