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Literary Devices in Loveliest of Trees

Cherry-Tree Symbolism: Cherry trees are known for their short flowering phase and thus serve as a symbol for the transience of both beauty and life. As the speaker ruminates on the brevity of life, cherry trees perfectly symbolize this temporality.

Personification of Trees: The personification of the trees convey a sense of innocence with the trees, as they are “wearing white” and “stand about.” This personification of the trees in the conveys a sense of closeness between the speaker and the trees. With this intimate relationship the speaker is able to see his own life and experiences through observing the trees.

Verse Form: “Loveliest of Trees” consists of three quatrains, with a rhyming scheme of AABB. This consistency in the poem gives a sense of a ticking clock. Just as he explores time and the shortness of life, the verse form of the poem reminds us of time running out.

Literary Devices Examples in Loveliest of Trees:

Text of the Poem

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"white..."   (Text of the Poem)

The color white is generally symbolic of innocence, purity, and peace. For example, in the Christian tradition, children wear white when they are baptized and confirmed into the Church. Notice that the speaker is interpreting nature through a Christian lens.

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