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Symbols in Madame Bovary

Symbols Examples in Madame Bovary:

Part II - Chapter One

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"Lheureux..."   (Part II - Chapter One)

Here is an example of symbolism and irony: L' heureux in French means "the happy ones." Later on readers will uncover why this name is ironic. However, as a draper, Lheureux is also a very good salesman who caters to the whims of the people of Yonville, making them quite happy.

"greyhound..."   (Part II - Chapter One)

Another sign of foreshadowing: Emma had a female greyhound. The minute the Bovarys set for Yonville, the female dog gets loose and never comes back. Flaubert uses "French humor" in many of his writings, and this seems to be an example of jovial symbolism. Was the dog a reflection of Emma's soul dying to cut loose and run away?

"Hirondelle..."   (Part II - Chapter One)

The "Hirondelle" is a barge or city car that would make the rounds from mid point to end point several times per day. In the novel, the "Hirondelle" transports some characters from one city to another, symbolizing change and possibility.

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